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First of all well done for taking the positive step to gain more exposure.

“This website is dedicated to REAL underground HipHop and the goal is to showcase, publicise and give exposure to the often overlooked talents of underground rappers.  Mainstream rap went downhill after the 1990’s and real rap is no longer on the radio, however HipHop is still alive on the underground waiting to emerge and make a comeback!”

To submit music for feature on Urban Flair, please send an email to or and include as many as possible of the following:

  • an audio file
  • link to download/stream
  • artwork or photo to be included (please ensure you include a promo photo or artwork as a minimum requirement even for a video submission)



  • adding a download link is strongly recommended and helps gain more interest in your music.  Remember!  Building a fan base is key to your success.
  • If your email bounces back, it means that my mailbox is full.  In any such event, please send your submission to my alternate email address


Due to the high volume of submissions that I receive, I unfortunately cannot respond to everyone individually.  However all posted submissions are automatically tweeted from Twitter account @urbanFlairUK.

Please do not be discouraged if your submission has not been posted, nobody becomes an overnight success without some disappointment.  Keep grinding and you’ll make it!  Just because I have not posted your submission does not mean that you will not have an audience and that somebody else will not enjoy it.

Alternatively you can get at me on Twitter @marcusmarvel

submit hip hop music here

Submit music here

submit music to hip hop blogs


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