C.KHiD “Sad At Day’s End” (Single)


C.KHiD “Sad At Day’s End”

C.KHiD released his brand new track today called “Sad At Day’s End” S.A.D.E… This is more than a song produced by Dopant Beats. It’s a soundtrack to a life story. It brings me back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The Golden Age of Hip Hop.

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Magicxbeats “The Decoding” (Album)

thedecoding cover1

Magicxbeats “The Decoding”

All Tracks produced by magicxbeats Gwen-Stefani prod.donshacks ,The Decoding is about decoding all facts of life and realizing whats real and what fake you dont need a major record deal to get your voice heard this is Hip Hop not pop rap Remember is more to the mind. Support Real HipHop

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AfterPxrty “Midwesternplayalisticcaddilacmuzik” (Audio)


AfterPxrty “Midwesternplayalisticcaddilacmuzik”

Taken from AfterPxrty’ new EP called ” Glimpse of the City” its a 5track EP to give listeners a preview of the upcoming project d” Global F**king City 2009″. The EP is available on itunes, Google Play, and spotify.

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TNT “Brooklyn Kids” (Video)

TNT “Brooklyn Kids”

The Brooklyn trio known as TNT or Triumph and Never Tarnish, are determined to take their talents to the mainstream and reveal the clip for ‘Brooklyn Kids’, celebrating their home borough and personal evolution.


Insolent Envy “Mind Elevation” ft. Jared Xavier prod. Highrr Powr (Single)

10947274_1711754305717598_3297538430673001310_n (1)

Insolent Envy “Mind Elevation” ft. Jared Xavier prod. Highrr Powr

iEnvy links up with long time friend, Staten Island hiphop artist Jared Xavier for a smooth and jazzy hip hop classic.

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Phacade “Plain Mean” (Audio)


Phacade “Plain Mean”

With a name that you have to look up to get, Phaçade immediately forces listeners to think, research and open they’re minds with raw unadulterated Hip Hop. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Phaçade is an MC with an unprecedented style and unique appeal. The 21 year old rapper is currently promoting his second release ‘Preworld’ a prequel to his debut mixtape, “Phacade: of the World”, due to release soon.


Eighty & Geno “Da Birds Are Chirping” feat. A-Town (Single)


Eighty & Geno “Da Birds Are Chirping” feat. A-Town

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Connor Cassidy “Getaway prod. Teddy Roxpin (Video)

Connor Cassidy “Getaway prod. Teddy Roxpin

So the story goes like this: I went out to Cali for the first time, had probably the best week of my life, drove 9 hours up the coastline to chop it up with my old Mitch Surette who I hadn’t seen since I was a toddler, hit a few In&outs, passed out on the beach, woke up, and then shot this vid for y’all.

Going out west made me appreciate everything I had so much more then before the trip, along with making me realize the importance of gettin’ away once in a while. Highly recommended.

Directed by: Mitch Surette, Andrew Cigna, & Connor Cassidy
Filmed by: Mitch Surette & Andrew Cigna
Label: Independent

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Connor Cassidy “Hijack” prod. 6ix (Single)

Connor Cassidy “Hijack” prod. 6ix

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General D.V. (Alias Khryst) & Dox Boogie “Do You” (Audio)


General D.V. (Alias Khryst) & Dox Boogie “Do You”

“Do You” is inspired by the trials of life, understanding that it’s always better to know the power within and to use that power to succor oneself for the good of others. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about help yourself so you will be able to help others. Producer Dox Boogie supplied the soundtrack, alongside emcee/vocalist/songwriter General D.V. #DoYou

This single is taken from the upcoming Dox Boogie album “Boom Box Monsters Vol.1″ which features the likes of Snoop Dogg, 2Chainz, Camp Lo, C-Rayz Walz, AOTP, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Tragedy Khadafi, Ill Bill, Slaine, Chief Kamachi, plus The Kavemen roster (Gravity, Stumik (Raekwon’s Icewater), Mainground, Bobby G. & Absyrd) and many more.

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