Tre’ Crowell “Premium Goods” (Single)

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Tre’ Crowell “Premium Goods”

Tre’ Crowell is back again as he releases his single for the week “Premium Goods”. Tre’ releases premium goods this week a song which he wrote and produced . Tre’ has released a song a week for over four months as he prepares for the release of his EP “13” which will drop December 13.

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Bigg Wurm “Slammin Chevy Doors” ft Golden Eyez prod. Gunna (Video)

Bigg Wurm “Slammin Chevy Doors” featuring Golden Eyez produced by Gunna


Bigg Wurm is repping North Carolina to the fullest. He has released his visual to the

blog world “Slammin Chevy Doors” featuring Golden Eyez. Chevy’s are the cars of the south.

This song and video bring back that classic down south sound. Bigg Wurm brings that heavy dirty

south swag to the video.


Syntax + Liggy (L.I.F.E. Long) + Elohemstar “Dark”‏ (Video)

Syntax + Liggy (L.I.F.E. Long) + Elohemstar “Dark”‏

New York City music imprint cocoonmovements presents “Dark,” the first leak off the “Caterpillar Steps” compilation album (slated to drop in 2015). The single features the Cocoon’s caterpillars Syntax, Liggy (L.I.F.E. Long) and Elohemstar on the vocals, along with French producer Fatra Beats on the boards. Lookout for the compilation dropping in 2015 via cocoonmovements, along with the upcoming Elohemstar LP “LW2AC (Lone Wolf 2 Abandoned Cub).” Syntax’s debut solo album “Dialog’a’Rhythmic” is out now!


Carasel “The Moment” ft JMan & Blacksmith prod. Ded Tebiase (Video)

Carasel “The Moment” featuring JMan & Blacksmith produced byDed Tebiase

Fresh out of Bristol, the Ambush Family Tree are back. Always staying fiercely independent, AFT have been smashing it with the D&B recently & has found some of the hottest underground music to surface in recent months gaining a steady reputation for quality output ‘The Moment’ showcases another Branch of the tree, Hip-Hop, as they go back to their roots with some sharp vocally driven boom bap that drops us straight back in the 90’s

AFT004 sees Carasel effortlessly ride the Ded Tebiase production ably assisted by the razor sharp flows of Blacksmith & Jman.


Ray west “Be Me” (Video)

Ray west “Be Me”

“My style is original rather than a wanna be. I wouldn’t change to be anybody in the world. I’m good just being me !!!…New Life ent…#NLE #RayWestMusic @RayWest88
Produced by (The Chemist) @Chemist Music”


Arie Dixon “40 Mill” | JACKED prod. Arie Dixon (Single)


Arie Dixon “40 Mill” | JACKED prod. Arie Dixon

OCAD’s Arie Dixon is BACK with Week 6 of his Jack Move releases. This week he Jack’s Tyga’s “40 Mill” produced by Kanye West. Due to hardware malfunctions during the recording process, Arie is forced to completely reproduces the whole track only using sounds from his mouth. Giving the song new life, he speaks on his thoughts of becoming Famous, and why he would rather have “40 Mill and some acres”. Take a listen to this, its a MUST HEAR!!!

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Slash-A-Mill “See How It Goes” (EP)


Slash-A-Mill “See How It Goes”

After an incredibly successful summer of catchy music, New Jersey’s Slash-A-Mill has taken some time to remix Kay Franklin’s hit song, “See How It Goes”. With assistance from Jake Veggo and Frantz, Slash-A-Mill brings back the classic Maxi-Single to put a spotlight on an amazing artist and awesome producers. Be sure to stay tuned for another weekly music series along with Slash-A-Mill’s debut beat tape.

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King K.O.N.G. & Teck-Zilla “KongZilla” (EP)


King K.O.N.G. & Teck-Zilla “KongZilla”

‘KongZilla’ brings together the best raps of the Long Island emcee, coupled with the Nigerian-born beatsmith. Sonically, the project serves up a series of fresh tracks that show the inner workings of the very monster they’ve become. With joints like the hard-hitting, “The Bringer” and the introspective, gloomy jam “Break of Day,” we get a full understanding of our antiheroes. So whether you’ve already been introduced to the duo, or have just tuned in, King K.O.N.G. and Teck-Zilla’s KongZilla is now available for free download.. you’ve been warned.

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Innocent? “Proof In Numbers” Feat Sadat X (Video)

Innocent? “Proof In Numbers” Featuring Sadat X

Although we may use the terms rapper and emcee interchangeably, don’t let Innocent? hear that nonsense coming out your mouth. A gully assassin who has spent his whole life rolling with the punches, his dedication to the game is evidence that skills are more important than flashy trends. If you’ve been sleeping on hard hitting wordsmiths as of late, “Proof In Numbers” is the crash course on what it takes to survive the daily grind in the concrete jungle. As Inno drops science–more specifically mathematics–to the unschooled, fellow professor Sadat X drops a verse that’s equivalent to a verbal dissertation over this potent Boom bap jam. Stay tuned for Innocent?’s upcoming full length ‘Love It Or Hate It,’ which is set for a 4th quarter release.

• Lyrics: Innocent?, Sadat X
• Produced by: Megadon
• Album: Love It Or Hate It
• Label: T.H.E.M. Recordings
• Directed by: Donald Robinson Cole III


Innocent? “International” feat. Nitty Scott MC & Mugga Boy (Single)


Innocent? “International” feat. Nitty Scott MC & Mugga Boy

“International” is Off Innocent? “Love It or Hate It” Album Out Now! Featuring: Sean Price, Roc Marciano, Tek & Steele, Nitty Scott MC, Megadon, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mic Handz, Rustee Juxx & More…

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