Inkrediflow “40s With The Homies” feat. Essence (Single)


Inkrediflow “40s With The Homies” featuring Essence


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Inkrediflow 40s with the homies


King Kash “The Interlude” prod P.A Dre (Single)

King Kash - The Interlude (artwork)

King Kash “The Interlude” produced by P.A Dre

London based rapper King Kash drops a new track titled “The Interlude”. Linking up across the Atlantic with Pennsylvania based producer P.A Dre, the introspective track provides a welcomed break from current trends in HipHop with the rapper flowing smoothly over a jazzy piano sample backed by hard hitting boom-bap drums. The chorus borrows from Ini Kamoze’s mid 90′s smash “Hotstepper” creating the perfect marriage of style and substance that sees the rapper discuss the pressures of working life.

King Kash has spent the better part of a year fine tuning his next release “Metropolis Dreams” and performing across the U.K with his band The Apollo Knights.

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king kash the interlude


Slash-A-Mill “Malice” (Single)


Slash-A-Mill “Malice”

As Slash-A-Mill gears up for the release of his El Train produced EP, he drops “Malice”. With production provided by K Beatz, Slash-A-Mill brings his usual witty lyrics accompanied by an infectious chorus.

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slash-a-mill malice


GC “Her” prod. Luke White (Single)


GC “Her” prod. Luke White

GC hooks up with producer Luke White to craft a new song in anticipation for his forthcoming project (TBA). This one focuses specifically on a certain type of woman.

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gc her


AfterParty The Ruler “1up” (Single)


AfterParty The Ruler “1up”

AfterParty The Ruler is a Young hot producer/ Artist from Grand Rapids, MI U.S.A. He has many influeneces from A tribe called quest, Jay Z, Prince and Teddy Riley. He has his own sound that he calls the “Technicolor Sound” because he paints a picture for the listener to see through his music. He has received Airplay in New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Michigan, California, United Kingdom, And the Netherlands. He was featured in coast2coast magazine issue 19 and in’s artist of the week.

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after party the ruler 1up


Has-Lo & Castle “Good Feelings” (Video)

Has-Lo & Castle “Good Feelings”

After the release of their new project, Live Like You’re Dead, Has-Lo & Castle are giving us Good Feelings. The feel good song is laced with fun loving non-sequitors and an irony drenched look at modern culture. But mostly, it’s a look at a barbeque. Grab a Capri Sun and a Push Pop and kick back with Castle and relax.


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has lo castle good feelings


Georgia Anne Muldrow “Pop Iconz” (Video)

Georgia Anne Muldrow “Pop Iconz”

About Pop Iconz
When Georgia Anne Muldrow surveys the musical landscape, she’s left wanting more. It’s not easy for us to watch the likes of Nicki Minaj dress up like a kaleidoscopic crack dealer and promote a dead end lifestyle.

“rap about the trap ‘stead of kneeeling to god
rap about their back ‘stead of freedom through art
rap about their cheese in a wig from a doll…
your lips are being used black swann, like a pawn”

Produced by Chris Keys, Georgia Anne Muldrow blesses us with her views on the politrix being parlayed into a hateful power structure that is affecting the community. Please don’t get it twisted, she’s not interested in your riches, she’s trying to tell you the children – they are listening.

Georgia Anne Muldrow Says:
“We as parents have to walk a very fine line between being watchful and overprotective of what our kids are exposed to…and that job is being made even more difficult by the hyper-sexual, consumerist and vain aesthetic packed with visual associations that are intentionally targeting the pre-teen generation. I’m placing the blame on the corporate agenda that abuses the minds and souls of talented or even aspiring artists.

To represent an awareness that is willfully avoidant of self-realization is the bottom line for these influencers of consciousness; if someone’s life goals are completely external his/her mind can easily be subdued and controlled.

Art means too much to me, i ain’t having it.”

Georgia has a new project in the pipeline for early next year on Mello Music Group,
but in the meantime, check out “VWETO” and “BLACKHOUSE.

georgia anne muldrow pop iconz


Jonathan Sosa “Tropicana” (Single)


After a brief hiatus, Alkatraxx recording artist Jonathan Sosa returns to be the first to take a shot at Common’s “Rewind That”. With his seemingly effortless delivery, Sosa’s voice and NO I.D.’s production prove to be a match made in Heaven. After a remarkable year, Sosa has managed to solidify his spot in the top tier of Jersey artists, right along side Joe Budden, Tsu Surf and Apollo the Great. If this proves to be any indication of what “The Red Couch Chronicles” will sound like, we’ll be sure to rewind that as well….Take a listen!

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jonathan sosa tropicana


HaLo “Galore” (Video)

HaLo “Galore”

Produced by Khrysis
Directed by Cam Be
Mansa Musa
Jamla Records 2014


halo galore


Joe Sauseda “Adrian” (Audio)


Joe Sauseda “Adrian”

Adrian not only speaks on the problem with stereotypes for Sauseda, but also for what you’re willing to go through for what you want. For Sauseda that means music, his movement, and what people assume would come from him. “This music is my Adrian”, means he will fight through anything to persevere and be triumphant.